Comparing Carney and Rubino on the Environment


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In response to Mr. Noel Bishop’s endorsement of Devin Carney as per his letter to the editor on Oct. 29: Mr. Bishop fails to acknowledge that Carney is a member of the party that denies climate change, mistrusts science, and works to viciously undo legislation that preserves and protects wildlife and conservation sites.

He cites some of Carney’s recognitions in the environmental and land preservation space, but they are not the result of a proactive agenda, nor one that is particularly informed by the biggest threat to our nice beach/boating/fishing lifestyles: Climate change.

Carney’s opponent, Dave Rubino, on the other hand, is endorsed by The Sierra Club. He also has skin the game—he has kids who play in our waters, experience our marine life, explore our marshes and forests. He will advocate for legislation mandating climate change education in public schools (it is right now only “encouraged” but is not part of the required curriculum).

Being buddies with the boating community of Westbrook—and likely those who polluted our waters during a couple of maritime “Trump trains” this fall—hardly makes the writer’s candidate an environmental champion. And speaking of champions, what does Mr. Carney champion in general? The status quo. And, perhaps, a system that rewards certain people for having a well-known surname. Rubino currently works as a human rights attorney—a champion for those who need a voice, someone to stand up and step up. With vigor and wisdom and a personal investment in the issues.

I urge voters in the 23rd District to review Rubino’s positions on issues that we face as a community and to consider the incredible possibilities that could happen with a change of leadership.  

Amy Elliott
Old Saybrook, CT