Rubino a ‘Champion for the Downtrodden,’ Will Stand Up for Women


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There are some people who just bring out the best in everyone.  They can work with anyone, they do what they say they will and they genuinely care.  David Rubino is one of those people.   He cares about us, listens to us.  More than that.  He cares about our community and wants to work to make it the best it can be, for us.  He is also someone who is a fierce advocate for what he sets his mind to.

He has been a champion for the downtrodden and he has shown up for the vulnerable, again and again.  His work as a human rights, civil rights and women’s rights attorney has been his career, but it is also just who he is.  He will bring his thoughtful nature and his strength in communicating to the capitol. He has experience that matters when it comes to negotiating and reaching out to people, so that real, impactful change can be made where we need it most. 

Dave is who we need in Hartford, someone who will listen to us and think about our concerns when making decisions – not his political party.  Someone who will do what his campaign motto says: Stand Up.  He will Stand Up for women by working for equal pay for equal work, strengthening domestic violence laws, ending human trafficking in our state and doing his part to ensure affordable healthcare in our district and our state.

Dave Rubino has my vote and he deserves yours too.

Nancy Walsh
Old Saybrook, CT