Rubino a ‘Leader Who is Not Afraid to Tackle the Difficult Issues of our Times’


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Dave Rubino is a newcomer to the 23rd District, but he brings an extraordinary range of experience as a human rights attorney who has committed his life to the values and principles of democracy. As an attorney, his work abroad focused on fair election process, legislative reforms, anti-corruption policies, human trafficking, and gender inequality. These experiences have enriched his view of the world and reinforced his commitment to improve the quality of life for others through the legislative process. He would be a tremendous asset in the Connecticut General Assembly!

Let’s face it. It takes guts to relocate your family, start a new business, become a respected leader in your community, and challenge a third term incumbent for an assembly seat! That is exactly why Dave Rubino is my choice for state representative. He is a leader who is not afraid to tackle the difficult issues of our times, whether they be healthcare, the climate crisis, women’s rights, racial injustice, or the economic wellbeing of our state. In Dave Rubino, we have a candidate who is astute, educated, forward thinking, and honest. We can count on him to approach the legislative process with a full grasp of the issues, and to write effective legislation, not just vote for it.

Dave Rubino has my vote for state representative. He will bring strong leadership and a depth of experience to the 23rd District.

Marisa Hartmann
Old Lyme, CT