Griswold: Carney ‘Knows the Ropes,’ Effective in Hartford


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As the Chief Elected Official of the Town of Old Lyme, I am pleased to endorse the re-election of Devin Carney as our State Representative.  Devin has several important attributes that make him an extremely effective voice for us in Hartford.

Experience:  Devin is a six year incumbent who, despite the political imbalance in Hartford, has a firm grasp on how to get things done for his constituent towns.  He serves on important committees and knows the key issues that affect Old Lyme.

Commitment:  Devin devotes significant time to representing the four small towns in his district, as evidenced by his 100% voting record and the number of bills that he has sponsored or co-sponsored on our behalf.

Responsiveness: One of Devin’s hallmarks is his outstanding constituent service level.  If you contact his office about a matter, you will hear back from him in a timely fashion.

Accessibility:  Devin is very willing to attend important events in his district towns, be it a Chamber of Commerce event or honoring a new Eagle Scout.  Devin has frequent local open forums so that citizens may be updated on significant events and may obtain answers to questions they have.

Environment:  Devin is very sensitive to environmental issues that affect our towns and he works hard to protect our natural resources.  The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters endorsed his campaign.

Municipal Resource: As First Selectman of Old Lyme, it is reassuring to have Devin in Hartford because he is always willing to research a municipal issue and to vigorously pursue a desirable resolution favorable to Old Lyme.  Be it helping with an issue with the DOT or getting additional information about a grant, Devin is always ready to help.

On November 3rd, I urge the voters of Old Lyme to vote for Devin Carney.  He knows the ropes, he listens to us and he has the vigor to get the job done.

Timothy Griswold
Old Lyme, CT