Vote Rubino for ‘True Bipartisanship’


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In perhaps the most politically charged election in 50 years, it’s important that we elect candidates who truly understand what it means to reach across the aisle.  That’s why we need Dave Rubino.  

Dave’s history is marked by true bipartisanship: not the one-off votes on foregone conclusions that his opponent is touting.  Dave worked promoting the rule of law and human rights globally with funding from the U.S. Government.  His work was supported first by the Bush administration, then Obama, and finally even Trump. Devin Carney’s Republican supporters are working hard to frame him as someone who works well with both parties, though no actual Democratic legislators have confirmed that view and his voting record speaks to the contrary.  Compare that to Dave’s background where Republicans at the highest level put their money where their mouths were and actually paid his salary. 

Dave is universally respected for his apolitical understanding of broad concepts like the rule of law, human rights, women’s empowerment, and the fight against human trafficking.  Transferring those skills to the local level with issues far less politically charged does not seem like too heavy a lift.  Indeed, when Dave was approached to help organize a Black Lives Matter rally in Old Lyme, he made sure that his opponent was invited to speak as well, noting that issues of social and racial justice should not be politicized.

There’s only one person in this race with a true track record of bi-partisanship and it’s Dave Rubino.  Let’s vote him in so we can get back to real civility in politics.

J. Colin Heffernan
Old Saybrook, CT