Rubino for a Strong State Government in Uncertain Times


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We are living through uncertain times and strong state government is more important than ever. Daily we experience assaults on our democracy, threats to national security, failures in healthcare delivery, attacks on women’s’ rights, and conflicts about racial justice. Policymaking on a national level imposes many challenges to our legislators in Connecticut.

That is why I am supporting Dave Rubino for state representative in the 23rd district. I believe we need leaders in the Connecticut General Assembly who are well versed in the law, who have valued experience on issues affecting the residents of Connecticut, and who will protect us from deleterious national policies.

We need state legislators who will do more than simply vote the party line.

How will we provide healthcare to our most vulnerable residents? How will we manage healthcare costs and protect seniors, those with pre-existing conditions, and those afflicted with COVID? What will we do to protect women’s rights, address racial injustice, provide better opportunities for education, training, employment, housing? How will we address the crucial need for improved infrastructure, develop a more equitable economy, and retain our youthful resources?

Connecticut faces many challenges moving forward. A candidate for the general assembly who reflects democratic values and leadership, and who has solid legal experience and skills, is the optimal choice to meet these challenges.

Dave Rubino may be “the new boy on the block,” but maybe that is what we need right now. With his broad experience in human rights, he will bring essential expertise to state government, and an ardent commitment to public service. A vote for Dave is a vote to improve the quality of life for all CT residents. It is a vote for the future of CT.

Maria Segarra Martinez
Old Lyme, CT