Regurgitated Conservative Talking Points Dishearten


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As a City Councilor of a distressed municipality, it is extremely disheartening every time I see an otherwise respectable publication like CT Examiner regurgitating the conservative talking points of the Yankee Institute — Looming Crisis in Connecticut, a column penned by Red Jahncke and printed by CT Examiner.

Anyone who has put even the minimal amount of effort necessary into researching this billionaire funded think-tank knows that their only goal is to strip working class people of the pay and benefits they work hard for in an attempt to line their own pockets. 

It has come out numerous times since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Connecticut that we are in a much better spot than most other states. Our rainy day fund is literally overflowing to the point of having extra funds reallocated to the State Employee Retirement System in an effort to shore up existing legacy funding gaps. We have also recently found that the state’s projected $2 billion deficit for FY2021 has been nearly cut in half as surging tax receipts come due, increasing the likelihood that we will be able to avoid major tax hikes next spring.

It’s time to focus on the truth, which time and time again comes down on the side of working people and the efforts we put forth in our communities. 

James Burke
New London City Councilor