Needleman a Firewall for Preserving Key Rights


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Norm Needleman has proven to be a fair and proven leader for the 33rd district. He listens to both sides and takes every decision seriously before voting on a bill.

Whether it is voting to increase the minimum wage to $15 by 2023 or ensuring all employees will have the ability to pay into the Paid Family and Medical Leave by 2021 or taking on the millionaires at Eversource who have been ripping off customers and forcing unsafe work conditions for linesmen. I have personally seen the change he has created and the impact it has made on working mothers like myself.

We need Norm to continue to fight for us, with the strong possibility that the Supreme Court will overturn the Affordable Care Act bringing back discrimination in the form of pre-existing conditions and limiting Women’s Rights. Connecticut will be the firewall preserving those rights to my neighbors because of State Senators like Norm Needleman who will ensure that our rights and protections are not thrown away.

We need to re-elect Norm Needleman who will continue to be a fair and proven leader for us all. I am the Westbrook Democratic Town Committee Chair and I proudly endorse Norm Needleman for State Senate.

Katherine Sullivan
Westbrook, CT