Fortuna: Carney a Non-Stop Advocate for Local Towns


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This November, please don’t let your attention to our local political races fall victim to the national election. Connecticut will be electing its House of Representatives and State Senate for the next two years and it is more important than ever that we elect Devin Carney for Old Saybrook, Westbrook, Old Lyme and Lyme.

Devin is a champion for our towns at the state capitol. He never misses a vote and is always asking for input from his residents. I find Devin to be highly educated on the issues and not boxed into a corner on how he approaches the many issues that come before him.

As First Selectman for Old Saybrook, I can assure our residents of Devin’s non-stop advocacy for what’s right for our community, whether it be holding Eversource responsible for its storm miscues or asking the Governor tough questions on his budget. Devin provides balance at our state legislature with his calm demeanor and genuine personality.

Please pay attention to your local races and please consider casting your vote for Devin Carney for State Representative.

Carl P. Fortuna, Jr.
Old Saybrook, CT