Focus on the Facts for Carney and Formica


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Last week in a local newspaper advertisement, local Democrats accused existing Republican office holders of  “putting our democracy, environment, and future in grave danger.”  This attack was directed at, among others, our District 23rd State Rep. Devin Carney and our District 20 State Sen. Paul Formica. 

I know both of these public servants through their effort to contact me as a local business owner to discern how the state could better support small business employment.  Both of these men are pro-business , pro-environment, pro-worker rights and favor keeping taxes lower in Connecticut to foster economic growth.  Both men know the people and the businesses in their districts.

Formica owns a fish market business that openly supports responsible control of the fisheries.  Both have worked tirelessly to keep taxes lower for Connecticut businesses. That has been an uphill climb with a Democrat-controlled legislature. 

Carney is one of only five state representatives to be endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters and has been asked to serve on the caucus of Environmental Legislators.  So it is clear that both of these public servants are resoundingly innocent of the charges made in the full page propaganda referenced above.

For context, here’s a little history lesson for all prospective voters:

The Democratic Party in Connecticut has been in control of both houses of the legislature with a couple of annual exceptions for the past 40 years.  Their spending policies have driven the state into a financial crisis of catastrophic  proportions. Their tax and regulatory  policies make operating businesses in Connecticut undesirable, at best.

According to a survey of CEOs in the USA in 2019, Connecticut was ranked 47th out of 50 States for businesses.  What is more, Connecticut has the 3rd highest income and property taxes per capita in the entire U.S.  It is no wonder that businesses and retirees continue to leave our state in droves.  Both of these departures represent an exodus of revenue from the state.  Economic failure threatens equality of opportunity for all people in Connecticut.  Economic regression is inimical to environmental protection and our democratic republic’s future. You can’t spend money on important undertakings when you are in a financial crisis.

Unlike their opponents, Carney and Formica stand for reducing taxes, cutting state spending, and promoting pro-business growth and job creating policies.  Neither of their opponents have any track record of supporting economic growth in our legislative districts.  Both opponents support a party that is responsible for an enormous  fiscal deficit and even greater and growing financial debt. The current fiscal year deficit is approximately 2 billion dollars. The state’s debt is over 35 billion dollars. That is billion with a B.

Carney and Formica have campaigned on the issues.  Neither has made  disingenuous charges against their opponents . Disregard reckless and fictional partisan attacks.  Focus on the facts, not fiction.  Vote for Devin Carney and Paul Formica on November 3rd.

R. Andrew Nixon
Old Lyme, CT