Vote Goupil for Leadership “Getting things done”


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My husband and I are excited about Christine Goupil running for State Representative in the 35th District as we are confident she will bring the same leadership, energy, and ‘getting things done’ qualities she has brought to Clinton.

As our LAST First Selectman she led the way in restructuring the Board of Selectmen into a Town Council and created a professional Town Manager role to expertly conduct daily town business. I’ve seen Christine work hard for the greater good in both our state and Clinton where she serves on the Town Council.

As a woman, I am eager to see women like Christine in important leadership roles and to feel I have an ally when it comes to understanding the unique concerns of women and their families. I know she will speak out on issues of inclusiveness in our community to unite not divide us.  Like me, she believes universal healthcare is a basic right of all people and as a mother with school age children, she is keenly aware of how this pandemic has changed working people’s lives, the lives of school children, and how employer-based insurance means those laid-off can lose coverage at this critical time.

With criticisms of policing and hot button topics like “defunding the police” in the national dialogue I am comforted in knowing that Ms. Goupil has a history of working with and supporting our well-respected Clinton Police Department. For example, as First Selectman, she settled the salary and benefits contract as well as supported a professional management structure for our police officers — issues her two predecessors were unsuccessful in resolving.

These are only a few of the many reasons I support Christine Goupil for State Representative and hope voters will take a closer look at her experiences and forward-thinking vision.

Susan Shultz
Clinton, CT