Goupil is a Leader, a Thinker, a Doer


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With great enthusiasm, I am voting for Christine Goupil to be our State Representative. 

Having observed Christine for several years, I am impressed by her leadership skills. As First Selectman of Clinton, Christine poured herself into every important issue.  She attended every important meeting.  She did her homework.  And she made things happen.  During her tenure, Clinton moved forward. 

And, as a sign of her goal of strengthening Clinton rather than her own ambitions, she promoted and succeeded in changing the town’s government to a town council structure.  She was proud to say she’d be the last First Selectman of Clinton, and she closed out that position on a very high note.

Christine is a leader, a thinker, a doer.  I believe she would make a first-rate State Representative.

Patrick Sheehan
Clinton, CT