Carney Will Fight For Small Towns in Hartford


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My uncle, Jack Tiffany, served as State Representative for Lyme for decades. He always represented his constituents with integrity and never let the politics of the Capitol influence his decision-making. We are fortunate to have a State Rep who thinks that way in Devin Carney.

Devin always puts the constituents, businesses, and small towns he represents first. When he is advocating on our behalf, he never forgets where he comes from. He knows that our towns need someone who continue to allow small towns, like Lyme, the ability to keep our property taxes low and to provide services in a way that best serves our residents.

Recent proposals in Hartford included state forced school regionalization, higher property taxes on cars for us in lower taxed towns and passing teacher’s retirement costs onto our local budgets. All of these would have negatively affected our quality of life and, if it weren’t for people like Devin, they could have passed.

We need people like him to stand up against bad policies and to fight for us in small towns and that’s why he’s got my vote.

Dave Tiffany
Lyme, CT