Saunders Questions Fees, Focuses on Making Connecticut Affordable


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Do you know that a smoker in Connecticut pays $4.35 tax per pack of cigarettes? This “good” tax is the highest in the region besides a tax levied in New York City. And a smoker pays sales tax on top.

Why is one tax “good” and others “bad?” Well, we are all convinced a “sin” tax is legit and so it is a “fair” tax. Well is it?

For the fiscal year 2016, the state hauled in $361,578,691.00 on this “good” tax. Well then, why not slap a “clean air” fee on top of all this revenue the state is generating from the sales of cigarettes? Clean air fees are popular sources of revenue grabs and why not? Isn’t the combustion of a tobacco product producing a form of pollution? If one pays $55.00 in “clean air fees” whilst registering a new “zero emission “ vehicle, why not slap another fee on that pack of butts?

Brendan Saunders is asking these same questions: why all the fees financially choking the residents and consumers in this state?

Brendan wants to make Connecticut affordable again and roll back some of these revenue grabs. If you agree, vote for Brendan Saunders and he at least will question the fees and where the funds are going. We need his voice in Hartford.

Alison Walck
East Hampton, CT