Saunders’ Priorities Don’t Include LGBTQ and Roe v. Wade


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In a time when the BLM movement is taking center stage and shining a spotlight on the unfair treatment of African Americans in this country, it is crucial to remember that equal rights apply to ALL.

While “issues” highlighted on Brendan Saunders’s website list a myriad of important “priorities,” LGBTQ rights, marriage equality, and a woman’s right to choose are woefully absent. With the overturn of Roe versus Wade approaching near certainty, it is essential for states to protect a woman’s freedom to do what she chooses with her body, and as a pro-life advocate Brendan Saunders threatens this civil liberty. The same applies for LGBTQ rights and what constitutes an equal marriage. We do not get to decide for others who is permitted to love whom and how, and nor should Brendan Saunders. For these reasons and many more, Norm Needleman truly does make sense.

In 2020, we should be living in a democracy – defined as a structure of government by the WHOLE population – not in an antiquated system that withholds the rights and liberties of those they see as unfit to live equally in society.

I have known Norm personally for 30 years. He is progressive, proactive, fair, intelligent, successful, generous, and kind. Norm embodies the meaning of a true leader in the community, in the state of Connecticut, and in his professional and political roles. Furthermore, Norm relies on facts and science to make decisions and has worked hard to keep people safe during the pandemic, as well as following the data to reopen the economy safely.

Support Norm as he has supported us. To protect the rights of our people – all people – Norm is the right candidate for the job. Be enlightened, be tolerant, and be smart – vote for Norm for State Senator this November.

Danielle Gentile
Westbrook, CT