Nursing Home Vote a “Slap in the Face to our Seniors”


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For years, advocates, nurses, and patients have been warning about the dangerously low staffing levels in many Connecticut nursing homes. The recent closure of a nursing home in Norwich is a clear example that our overworked frontline nurses are not being listened to. Almost two thirds of Connecticut coronavirus deaths come from nursing home facilities and a recent state report clearly shows that facilities with low staffing ratings were hit far harder than those that complied with state regulations. 

Last year, the General Assembly finally took action on this issue passing legislation that mandates nursing homes to disclose the number of direct-care staff members assigned to patients, making them more accountable and encouraging understaffed facilities to hire more nurses and staff. 

Only 4 legislators in the state were so profit driven as to oppose this legislation. One of them was our State Sen. Paul Formica. It was an unnecessary slap in the face to our seniors. 

Between his orchestration of the electricity rate hikes during his time as chair of energy to opposing paid family leave, Paul has consistently voted against working families. 

Enough bad votes with a smile. It’s time we had a real advocate for our region, and that advocate is Martha Marx. 

Cindy Hollis
New London, CT