May Proves Success of Working for Small Business and the Environment


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I’d like to briefly show my support for the Green Party’s candidate for House General Assembly, District 35 (Clinton, Killingworth, and the northern part of Westbrook). 

While the two major parties’ endorsed candidates come with local experience and knowledge, it is John May who best represents the values and independent spirit of District 35.

John’s work with the Clinton EDC and its efforts to bring a vibrant STEM program to Clinton shows John’s commitment to his working-class beliefs. Also, John’s work with the Clinton Conservation Commission reveals his respect and long-term reverence for the protection of open land. Clear evidence that John supports small business while also being a devout environmentalist. Responsible custodians of our environment need not be mutually exclusive from small business success. 

It is however John’s adamant support for ranked-choice voting — a proposal seldom given serious consideration by the two major party machines — that cements my support for his candidacy. Having most recently witnessed a broken two-party system morph into a sadly comical display of idiocy, we must look outside the scripted narratives of two-party rule. John can help bring this to fruition.

Eric Bergman
Clinton Green Party