As Energy Co-Chair Formica Responsible For Rate Increases


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I’m a proud homeowner and love Connecticut, but we pay some of the highest electric rates in the country. These rates are not an accident, they are the result of a failure from state legislators and regulators to keep electric utilities accountable to the consumers, us. Instead we had one of the highest rate increases ever and right in the middle of an economic recession! 

State Sen. Paul Formica, as one of the co-chairs of the Energy Committee in the General Assembly, bears much of the blame. Back in 2017, Senator Formica enthusiastically supported public act 17-3, claiming that the package contained the reforms our state needed to keep electric rates stable. Despite warnings from advocates and other legislators, Paul pushed the bill through claiming it would not raise rates. 

Unsurprisingly, that was a lie. Instead of the clean energy, no rate-increases promised, Eversource saw the opportunity to dramatically raise rates to squeeze as much profit from our working families as possible. Meanwhile the CEO of Eversource made nearly 20 million dollars last year alone! 20 million for one person but we all have to pay double for our bare necessities? Paul once again put profit before people and we all paid the price. 

Homeowners cannot afford to pay even more for our electricity just to pad the already fat wallets of corporate CEO’s.  We also cannot afford to have a legislator like Paul Formica that lets our utilities consistently prey on us year after year. We can do better. It is time to vote him out!

Ivette Hernandez
New London, CT