Vote Carney for his Understanding of the Local Economy and State Budget


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Rebuilding Connecticut’s economy post-COVID requires leaders who have a clear understanding of both our local economy and the state budget.

Devin Carney has been active with the Lyme-Old Lyme Chamber, the Old Saybrook Chamber, the Middlesex Chamber and the Eastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce. He has developed strong relationships with local job creators such as The Lee Company, the Saybrook Point Inn, Sound Manufacturing and Electric Boat. He has worked to increase manufacturing opportunities, boost tourism and our marine economy, and to provide more predictability to business owners. 

Devin has supported reducing burdensome costs, such as the business entity tax, and streamlining state services such as the DMV. He knows that we need our local businesses to keep our local economy healthy. With the current state budget looking dire, it is vital that we have representatives who will not support raising taxes or fees on businesses and residents. This is especially important as we struggle to emerge from the pandemic. In the past Devin has stopped proposals to create taxes on accounting services, legal services, and basic household groceries.

We need more dollars flowing through the economy and fewer sent to Hartford. Please support our fiscal champion, State Representative Devin Carney, and send him back to work for us this November.

Diane Mallory
Old Lyme, CT