Somers ‘Not a Puppet of any Party’


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I am a young woman, a registered Independent, and I generally vote Democrat.

I am absolutely disgusted by the sexism on display from state senate candidate Bob Statchen. I know nothing of what he stands for, and only see posts from him about how much he hates his opponent, a woman who has a long history of serving in municipal and state politics, who started a successful company, and has scored many victories for women while state senator.

The nasty name-calling and reduction of State Sen. Heather Somers’ career and record to the persona, actions and words of Trump is disgusting, and the exact behavior Statchen is pretending to decry.

Somers has a voting record that has supported women, and she is endorsed by Planned Parenthood. 

Tell us how you would do better, Mr. Statchen, instead of incessantly trashing your opponent. Trump is not the end all, be all of issues we face. Somers has proven with her voting record that she is not a puppet of any party. But Mr. Statchen, your rhetoric tells me that you are. To this young, female voter, I cannot trust that you will represent me as well as Senator Somers has. 

Mariah Lupo
North Stonington, CT