Somers Guided Family Facing Challenge of Mental Health Care System


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State Sen. Somers became aware of a huge challenge my husband and I were facing with the mental health care system. I know that quality health care is important to Senator Somers and has been a driving force to ensure there is quality personal treatment for all.

Senator Somers reached out to us almost immediately upon learning of the challenge we were facing and immediately began to help. My husband and I faced many challenges throughout the process, and Senator Somers was there to guide and assist us every step of the way. Senator Somers made herself available to us at any time regardless if it was 6 a.m. or 10 p.m. Senator Somers always provided guidance and assistance for us throughout the process. At times, the best assistance she provided was an ear to truly listen to our concerns and fears regarding the challenge we were facing.

The compassion Senator Somers showed was that of a mother and not a politician, which speaks greatly to her character as a person. If it were not for her guidance and assistance, my family would not be where it is today. Senator Somers sees beyond her political position. She is passionate about people, the communities, and the betterment for everyone in all facets of life, both personally and professionally.

Lori Patton
Plainfield, CT