Goupil a Champion of ‘Simple Solutions’ ‘Economic Growth’ and the Environment


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I am writing in strong support for Christine Goupil for State Representative. I worked extensively with Christine for several years on the Clinton Planning and Zoning Commission. She was a champion for making the town more livable and economically strong.

Consistent with her platform, she supported simple solutions that make sense for community involvement such as better sidewalks and bicycle lanes. Christine was consistently looking out for property owners, while still wanting to support smart development in the town. Most importantly, Christine was always prepared, knowing what was being proposed and having thought carefully about the impacts.

I always had great respect for her positions. Christine’s support for the environment will support continued economic growth throughout the district. She wants to see a more sustainable energy future, something that in the long run will improve our energy sector. That will mean keeping electric costs down for home owners and businesses alike. Her support for farming will help allow farms to be more flexible and thus resistant to up and down crop seasons. Finally she will support innovation in any area that will help further environmental protection.

I hope you will join me in voting for Christine Goupil for State Representative on November 3.

Michael Rossi
Clinton, CT