Vote Carney for Help Opposing Forced School Regionalization


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Last year, Governor Lamont and Senate leaders Martin Looney and Bob
Duff proposed legislation that opened the door to state forced school
regionalization. These proposals included creating massive school
districts of many towns and one proposal included a map that broke up
Lyme and Old Lyme. I, like many Lyme and Old Lyme parents, chose to
move here because of the good schools. Naturally, the concept of state
forced school regionalization had me, and many other parents, nervous
about how this would affect our children.

I reached out to Representative Devin Carney and he assured me he
would not support even the thought of these proposals. He went a step
further than just opposing these plans – he fought them. He held
informational forums, kept in touch with parents, and stood up against
the governor and the senate and house leaders. Thankfully,
Representative Carney was successful in defeating these concepts and
parents were able to have a sigh of relief.

These fights are far from over, though, as there are Senators and
Representatives who made clear they want this to happen. We cannot let
our guard down and that means we need leaders, like Devin, who will
continue to push back and fight these proposals. Our kids, teachers,
and schools are worth it. Please remember to vote to re-elect Devin
Carney, our State Representative, in this year’s election.

Tina C Gilbert
Lyme, CT