Vote Goupil for Experienced and Inclusive Leadership


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For over 40 years and now 5 generations, Clinton has been a wonderful home that our family has been fortunate to enjoy.

To foster enhanced prosperity for all in Clinton and the other 35th House District towns of Killingworth and Westbrook, we need the experienced and inclusive leadership of Christine Goupil.

I found her “focus on progress” platform to collectively be issues our communities value and aspire for now more than ever:

  • Equity — inclusive/community, healthcare for all, championing seniors well being, women’s rights, universal Pre-K education

  • The Environment — green economic initiates, protecting sustainable land-use, supporting agri-tourism/business development, promoting green systems to reduce waste, create renewable zero-carbon energy

  • The Economy — developing again, sustainable budgets that provide property tax relief, support middle-class family services & transportation infrastructure

Christine’s very strong track-record for Clinton, has proven she can be counted on to be a dependable and progressive representative for our District, to lift us up and through this remarkably challenging period.

We need Christine’s dedication and sensible leadership on behalf of our communities for the District’s immediate future. I hope readers voice their shared values on Nov. 3rd, by voting for Christine Goupil and the entire Blue Team, for real leadership on local, state and national levels.

Dean Coogan
Clinton, CT