Vote No On Extra Money for Public Safety Building


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“And I’ll state this again, this renovation project will come in on budget and will not be cheapened in any way.  Our goal was to move our emergency departments into this facility with a total renovation of $2.2m.  The plan to meet that goal has already been determined.  I suspect the Vision Committee will be voting on the final plan within the next week.” — Mark Nickerson, first selectman of East Lyme, 11/4/19

“The official task of the East Lyme Public Safety Building Vision Committee is to select an architectural firm and work with that firm to design the needed work space within the $5M budget the tax payers approved.  The Vision Committee has been collaboratively working to accomplish this goal and plans to continue to do so.  All opinions, concerns and recommendations are openly shared and considered. There will be no mismanagement of your tax dollars” Paul T. Dagle, selectman of East Lyme, and chairperson of the East Lyme Public Safety Building Vision Committee, 11/03/19

Less than a year ago, and just a day before the East Lyme Town election — one that he and his team was worried they would lose — Mark Nickerson went on Facebook and wrote those words. Mr Dagle wrote to CT Examiner. 

They made assurances to the public that the public safety building would be completed on budget without sacrificing the needs of the police department.

When questioned about the public safety building’s true cost, Mr Nickerson claimed to be a victim of nasty politics and mud slinging. What he really meant to say was he was not going to risk losing the election to truthfully answer those questions.

This behavior from the first selectman, and members of the vision committee continues to this very day. Anyone who questions their plan, the increase in costs, or validity is given a rebuke, not answers. 

The people of East Lyme can not afford to give Mark Nickerson and his “team” our trust to do what right for the town, especially now in a financial crisis and pandemic.

A 104% increase to the renovation budget is not good management of our tax money. The building is not complete for that price, as the finance to finish the second floor and other maintenance costs is yet to be determined. Meanwhile the building sits vacant, costing the town more money daily. 

Mark Nickerson, and Paul Dagle did not do what they promised voters last November. 

It’s time to send them a strong message and Vote No on using the FEMA reimbursement and No on borrowing extra money to complete the public safety building.  Vote No! No more wasted money, No more wasted time and No more lies.

Michael Goss
East Lyme