Leadership and Results — Re-elect Heather Somers


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What Hartford needs is a proven record of leadership and results, and that’s why we must re-elect Senator Heather Somers.

Before her two terms as our state senator for the 18th district, Heather Somers served on the Groton Town Council for eight years, and as Mayor of Groton for two, during which time she managed to lower taxes while securing increased funding for education. 

As a business leader in Eastern Connecticut, Sen. Somers is well aware of the unique challenges we face in creating and maintaining jobs.  During her tenure in the Senate, she has a well-proven record of results, reaching across the aisle and setting aside partisanship for the sake of her constituency, sponsoring bills to fight the opioid epidemic, and enact common-sense health care reform. 

Senator Somers continues to challenge the status quo, fighting to roll back or eliminate burdensome regulations and restrictive over-taxation.  As we deal with the perils of the current pandemic, we need to keep the ranking member of the Public Health Committee fighting for us, so we can reopen the state safely and promptly. 

Re-elect Senator Heather Somers to keep your voice in Hartford.

Mike Broughton
Plainfield, CT