‘I urge you to do the right thing in November’


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Dear America,

In less than two months you have a choice and an opportunity. You can elect a leader who will begin to bridge our differences, fix our woes, and preserve our democracy. Or you can choose a bumbling fool who will continue to exacerbate our differences, worsen our woes, and wreak havoc on our democracy.

Reflect on the past four years. Remember past presidents. How would you have felt if President Truman or President Roosevelt called demonstrators with Nazi flags “very fine people”? How would you have felt if President Kennedy and President Johnson ignored the racial and civil unrest during the 1960s? How would you have felt if President George W. Bush said “I take no responsibility” for the approximately 3,000 victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks? How would you have felt if President Clinton laughed about “grabbing women”? How would you have felt if there were reports that President George H. W. Bush called soldiers “losers”? How would you have felt if President Nixon called Watergate “fake news”? How would you have felt if President Reagan ignored scientific experts during a raging pandemic? How would you have felt if President Obama wrote tweets calling other government leaders nasty nicknames?

The current occupant of the Oval Office has done all of the above. None of those actions are normal. All of those actions belittle and demean the Office of the President of the United States. In turn, all of those actions erode our nation and everything it represents; they demonstrate a blatant disregard for democracy and common decency. Personally, I find them disgusting and exhausting; it is time for them to become things of the past.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden would never do any of those things. He is not perfect; indeed, absolute perfection is not a requirement for holding office (if it was, no one would ever be elected). He is, however, a decent, hard working man who has America’s best interests at heart. He has served this country steadfastly for decades. When he has made mistakes, he has apologized and sought to change his future actions and perspectives. It is self-evident that he can do the job and do it well. 

I urge you to do the right thing in November; cast your vote for Former Vice President Biden. If you do not, you may well be kissing your democracy goodbye. Benjamin Franklin remarked that our government was “a republic, if you can keep it.” Let’s make sure we preserve it and pass it down to our posterity.


Stephanie Parsons
Lyme, CT

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