Old Lyme Moves Forward on Sewer Agreement, Haines Park Bathrooms


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OLD LYME — After a long discussion held in executive session, the Board of Selectmen unanimously agreed to authorize First Selectman Timothy Griswold to sign a cost-sharing agreement between the Town of Old Lyme and three chartered beach associations for a sewer project. 

“We will have our attorney keep us informed of the other parties that are needed to sign and once it’s all finalized, we can [place] it in the public domain,” Griswold said. 

Town voters approved a $9.5 million sewer construction bond on August 13, 2019 for Sound View Beach and Miscellaneous Town Area B. The project cost is expected to be reduced to $7.44 million through a 25 percent Clean Water Funds grant. 

The three private beach associations — Old Lyme Shores, Miami Beach, Old Colony Beach — will each construct sewers and share some costs with the town, including a pump house and a force main.

Point O’ Woods, a chartered beach association to the east, installed sewers in 2006. 

Other business

The Board also recommended that the Board of Finance approve an appropriation for the Haines Park bathroom project not to exceed $42,000. 

The town originally allocated $150,000 for the project and recently $31,675 was moved from the boathouse account to the bathroom project, said Griswold. 

The additional $42,000 would provide enough funding to cover the lowest bid, $192,000, and additional costs including $8,707 for permits and environmental work, $11,600 for a water storage system and $10,500 as contingency, for a total cost of about $223,000.

The Haines Park Committee received a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals on January 15, 2019 to construct new restroom facilities within the existing 60-foot setback on the site. 

If the Board of Finance approves the $42,000 appropriation, the Board of Selectmen will  convene a special meeting — in lieu of a town meeting during COVID-19 — to approve the spending.