Department of Labor Processes $13.8 Million in Self-Employment Benefits in First 24 Hours


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Within the first 24 hours of the self-employed unemployment insurance system launch, the Connecticut Department of Labor processed 6,419 claims and $13.8 million in benefits. The new system opened on Thursday May 7, after more than six weeks of delays.

“We are very pleased with the system and its performance,” said Nancy Steffens, spokesperson for the Department of Labor. “Those filers that requested direct deposit will have benefits deposited to their bank accounts in three business days and those requesting debit card will find the benefits loaded to their cards when they receive them in the mail.”

The $13.8 million includes the $600 per week additional federal pandemic unemployment compensation dating as far back as February 2.

“We have heard from several claimants that the process went very smoothly and for those that are having issues, we believe most are customer error,” Steffens said.

One of the most common errors is either forgetting to first file in the standard unemployment system – the blue button on the department’s website – or using a different social security number than was entered into the standard system. All self-employed applicants must first file in the standard system and then the self-employed system, denoted with a red button.

For those claimants that want or need to upload additional documents after filing their claim more patience and waiting is required. The ability to upload documents, according to Steffens, is being added to the system next week.

“This will not delay their current filing and the FAQs note the agency will process their claim application and provide the minimum $198 [Pandemic Unemployment Assistance] benefit, along with all federal payments, and any dependency payments claimed,” Steffens said. “If subsequent additional documentation shows the PUS payment should be increased, the system will make a monetary redetermination and provide the increased PUA amount in subsequent claim weeks.​”

For additional questions and assistance, the Department of Labor recommends using their Online Assistance Center.