Connecticut Water To Complete Water Main Replacements in Old Lyme


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OLD LYME — The Connecticut Water Company will begin replacing the shallow-depth water main in Sound View Beach during the week of March 9, one of several water projects slated for the spring in Old Lyme.

Preliminary construction will begin on March 10 and 11, with excavation scheduled to start on March 13 on Hartford Ave. and during the week of March 16 on Portland Ave, according to a Dan Meaney, director of public affairs and corporate communications for Connecticut Water, by phone on March 5. 

The company will replace 5,000 feet of shallow-depth water main with a full-depth water main buried at approximately five feet, according to a March 5 release. The new main will be installed on Pond Road, the upper portions of Swan Ave. and Portland Ave., a section of Route 156, the extensions of Portland, Hartford and Swan Avenues north of Route 156 and North Lane. The company mailed a letter about the project to customers on March 2. 

The company stated that properties without year-round status will continue to be shut off seasonally. 

Under CT Public Health Code 19-13-B100a, customers who wish to change to year-round service must request a letter of approval from the Connecticut Department of Health addressed to the water company company, specifying that the property contains a code-complying septic area. A “Year-round Water Memo” is available at from Ledgelight Health District.

In White Sands Beach, the company has completed the installation of a water main, replacing about 4,100 feet of a “nearly 100-year-old water main.” Details about the project were mailed to customers on Jan. 10.

“The only thing left to do there is to tie over the service connection,” Meaney said. “Basically when you put a new water main in, you leave the old one running and when it’s all done you go through and you take the connections from the homes or the cottages and move them from the old water main to the new water main, so that’s the part of the project we’re working on now.” 

Scheduled to begin on March 2, the company will replace “about 3,400 feet of a nearly 40-year-old water main,” in an area known as Wildwood, along Wildwood Drive, Oak Ridge Drive and Fox Chase Lane in Old Lyme,” according to the water company’s website. The company mailed a project letter to customers on February 27. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of June.

On March 23, work is scheduled to begin in Old Lyme Shores to replace “about 9,000 feet of more than 90-year-old water main.” The streets impacted will be Billow Road, Brightwater Road, Bellaire Road, Saltaire Drive, Sea Spray Lane, and North Lane.

The replacement projects are funded through the company’s Water Infrastructure and Conservation Adjustment (WICA) program, which places a small surcharge on every customer’s water bill, said Meaney. 

“Nobody’s going to see a change on their bill. WICA’s been on their bill for a while and when this project is done and completed, then it will get added to the WICA charge going forward, but WICA basically takes that amount of the project and spreads it over 50 or 60 or 70 years, however long the pipe is going to last,” he said. 

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