Letter: Old Lyme Land Trust Responds to Beaver Claims


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Members of the Old Lyme Land Trust and its Board investigated the claim made by Mr. Berggren, certain Town of Old Lyme officials, and others, that one or more animal obstructions on the Jericho Preserve have restricted the water flow from Black Hall Pond and caused the water level to rise by as much as two feet within the Pond.

Several weeks ago, one beaver dam was located on the Jericho Preserve approximately two thousand feet south of Black Hall Pond; this dam, when breached, lowered the water level at Mr. Berggren’s dock by approximately six and one-quarter inches.

On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, Old Lyme Land Trust volunteers forded Bucky Brook from Whippoorwill Road to Black Hall Pond and found no significant animal obstructions on the Jericho Preserve, or any other parcel between the Preserve and Black Hall Pond, that would impede water flow or raise the waters of Black Hall Pond to the level claimed by Mr. Berggren and others.

The current water level in Black Hall Pond is not the result of any animal obstructions on the Jericho Preserve. This information was shared with Mr. Berggren on Sunday, February 16, 2020.

Board of Trustees Old Lyme Land Trust