Letter: Needleman Thanks Essex Volunteers and Voters

We are honored that Essex voters have given me another opportunity to serve the town we all love. It is gratifying that so many of our fellow citizens exercised their right to choose the officials who will help sustain and improve the quality of life in Essex.

Our names were on the ballot, but many other people helped make this election a success for us and for all of the candidates endorsed by the Essex Democratic Town Committee. To those who volunteered their time and resources, we am deeply grateful.  Your energy and commitment are essential to keeping our community strong and vibrant.

We would also like to express our appreciation to the individuals who cared enough about our town to actively participate in the election process: Matthew Fleming, who conducted an honorable and principled campaign; Bruce Glowac, a committed public servant whose value to our town is beyond estimation; and the Republican and Democratic Town Committees, whose time and energy was the cornerstone of support for all of the nominated candidates.

To everyone in Essex, regardless of political persuasion, we pledge to work tirelessly to continue the work of making our town a better place to live.


Norm and Stacia

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