Stunning Sweep By Republicans in Old Lyme; Nickerson, Chesebrough, Blanchard Win (Updated)


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First Selectman 

Bonnie Reemsnyder (D)                1403
Timothy Griswold (R)                     1774



Mary Jo Nosal (D)                            1495
Christopher Kerr (R)                       1676


Town Treasurer

Michael Reiter (D)                           1430
Timothy Griswold (R)                     1691


Tax Collector

Sarah E. Michaelson (D)                1262
Judith Tooker (R)                             1905


Board of Finance

David Rubino (D)                             1361
Anna Reiter (D)                                1367

Janet Sturges (R)                             1768
J. David Kelsey (R)                           1695


Board of Assessment Appeals

David Evers Jr. (R)                           2235


Planning Commission

Alexander Klose (D)                       1347
Steven Ross (R)                                1712


Planning Commission

Jim Lampos (D)                                1409
Harold Thompson (R)                     1662


Zoning Commission

Harvey Gemme  (D)                        1267
Tammy Tinnerello (R)                    1721


Zoning Commission

Jane Cable (D)                                  1366

Michael Miller (R)                           1609

9:20 — Unaffiliated, Democrat-endorsed Danielle Chesebrough defeated John Prue for first selectman of Stonington.

In Sprague, Cheryl Allen Blanchard defeated Cathy Osten in the race for First Selectman

9:11 — We don’t have official numbers yet for East Lyme, but Mark Nickerson, the expected victor, has declared victory.

(Developing) An unexpected and stunning sweep by the Old Lyme Republican party returned Tim Griswold to the office of First Selectman of Old Lyme, by a margin of 1774 to 1403.

Republican candidates also swept Democratic candidates from seats on Zoning, Board of Finance, Planning among others.

8:30 — (unofficial) Stunning sweep by Old Lyme GOP with support of unaffiliated voters. Developing.

8:28 — We’re hearing big news on the Republican side in Old Lyme… stay tuned.

8:02 — 3,189 votes out of 5728 registered in Old Lyme for a turnout of 56%. To put that in perspective, in 2017, there were 2770 total votes.

7:59 Razor-thin margin and huge turnout in Old Lyme… both parties send out last-minute calls to get voters to the polls.

7:40 — We’re hearing the biggest turnout in memory in Old Lyme — expect the final results between 9 and 9:30.

The race in Stonington between Chesebrough and Prue is another one to watch.

OLD LYME — Old Lyme’s moderator Fred Verillo said that over 2500 — including absentee ballots — had come out to vote as of 4:55 p.m. The rain hadn’t deterred voters over the course of the day, he said. “Some of the busiest times were during the rain,” Verillo said. Old Lyme has a total of 5728 registered voters.

WATERFORD — As of 4 p.m., 3672 had voted out of 13225 registered voters. (27.8%). For comparison: 4 years ago by 4 p.m. 27.1% had voted.

Scene in front of the Waterford Town Hall at 4 p.m.

STONINGTON — Pawcatuck Fire Station — 916 voters as of 2 p.m., with 6073 eligible voters in Stonington’s 2nd district. Chris Rose, moderator, said he expects about 30% turnout.


Democrats Anne Thurlow (left), Barry Sheckley, and Beth Hogan (right) advocate for their candidates outside East Lyme Community Center
Republicans Lawrence Fitzgerald and Steve Kelley advocate for their party’s candidates outside East Lyme High School.