Letter: Tinnerello Makes Case for Zoning Seat in Old Lyme, Emphasizes Balance, Transparency


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As a resident and realtor in Old Lyme I have decided to run for Zoning Commission. As a realtor, I understand the balancing act between the town’s interests and private property rights. Old Lyme characteristics make us long-time environmentalists — water, beaches, wetlands, woods. Zoning should honor these unique assets without stifling planned growth and development.

I am a results-oriented problem solver who can manage complex issues. I have experience with managing many stakeholder viewpoints which often require compromise. I intend to make thoughtful decisions while always keeping an eye on the long-term effects they have on our town’s character and charm. If elected to the Zoning Commission I believe we should provide new leadership standards, like having neighborhood discussions when there is major change pending, such as sewers or affordable housing. Let our existing boards collaborate with residents and notify abutters when there is an application pending. Transparency will always be at the forefront of my decision-making process.

As a realtor, I am out every day listening to the concerns of property owners, business owners, conservationists and others whose lives are affected by our rules and regulations. People move here for the quiet, beauty and charm. They leave overcrowded suburban communities for the quality of life and character Old Lyme offers. Zoning plays a large role in setting that tone. We can modernize and protect our community without changing the town’s identity.

If I am elected, I will work hard to strike a balance between maintaining the character of the community and allowing for growth of the tax base from both residential and business development in order to manage an appropriate Real Estate tax on the homeowners of Old Lyme. As a newcomer to Zoning, I realize that I will need to work hard to educate myself on all aspects of important town issues. I will reach out to individuals who have knowledge and expertise on these matters. I am, and will always be, open to your suggestions and thoughts. I will have an open-door policy for communication with ALL Old Lyme residents.

For years, people have trusted me with buying and selling their homes. I have earned their trust by listening, communicating and always being honest. I’ve raised my family in Old Lyme because I love our community and I will not let you or our town down!

I am asking for your vote this Tuesday, November 5th!

Tammy Tinnerello
Old Lyme