Letter: Who Will Run Old Lyme?


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I attended the debate between Bonnie Reemsnyder and Tim Griswold. One issue stood out. Our current Selectwoman continually explores solutions to our problems by going to outside sources. She is content to have East Lyme, New London, New Haven, and Hartford address our problems and manage our community.

Tim Griswold believes in the people of our town. Your friends and your neighbors. Tim acknowledges our town is unique, and we the people of Old Lyme are well equipped to solve our problems. Policing, affordable housing, and Halls Road are all examples of outsiders being courted to change Old Lyme versus turning to the people of our town who understand and respect our zoning, building codes, architecture, traditions, and history.

Let’s send a message on November 5th that Old Lyme will run Old Lyme.

David Griswold
Old Lyme