Letter: Offshore Wind in New London – If not Here then Where?


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As a resident of New London county and electric utility professional, I found the recent Port of New London development meeting and discussion invigorating. It was great to hear everyone’s perspective. 

My wife and I have lived in New London county since 1986 when I started with Electric Boat and my wife with Lawrence and Memorial Hospital. In 1990, I transitioned to work in the power industry which included work at a large generation site, with the local electric utility, and now with an engineering consulting company. My wife continues to work in New London as a school nurse. We know New London and are confident that this is the community to be developed as the hub for the New England Offshore Wind industry.

It is important to view the Orsted/Eversource/Gateway Terminals team as partners in this endeavor. The opportunity is large enough for everyone to benefit. While it’s essential that the terms include appropriate jobs and revenue for New London, recognize that New London is not the only port for serving the offshore wind industry.

The offshore lease areas can be served by ports in the states abutting Connecticut. This past year, I’ve attended Offshore Wind conferences in New York, Boston, and Newport as well as several smaller industry events with offshore wind developers. The competition for port development by all the states on the Eastern Seaboard is aggressive with some states providing significant funding. 

The opportunity facing us is extraordinary and must be smartly pursued with the Orsted/Eversource/Gateway Terminals team as partners. I look forward to New London becoming the premiere offshore wind port with the City and its businesses thriving from the activity on the pier. 

Ten years from now, we need to look back and be proud of the local leadership and partnerships that enabled a bustling offshore wind industry in New London rather than a missed opportunity. 

Dwayne Basler
Old Lyme