Letter: Better Alternatives Not Shared Costs for Sound View Sewage Solutions


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To the Editor:

A group of Sound View property owners are voicing strong opinions regarding the funding for the proposed sewer system for Sound View, specifically why it is not considered a public works project to be funded by all Old Lyme taxpayers rather than just Sound View property owners.

In my opinion the distinction is simple. The Old Lyme taxpayers receive no benefit from the sewers for Sound View properties and have no right to access or use those private properties. Only the Sound View owners benefit and can use their properties so only they must pay for the improvement. 

I think that the Sound View folks should aim their efforts in the way Merv Roberts has suggested for decades. Pressure DEEP to approve alternative on-site septic systems being used in other states instead of installing sewers. Only properties tested and found to be in need of new systems would have to install them and the cost would likely be substantially less that the proposed sewer assessments and maintenance costs. The technology is available and only the “empire builders” at DEEP are refusing to consider alternatives to sewers. They mandate sewers with little or no empirical data and testing.

I’m sure that other property owners, such as those in Hawk’s Nest and elsewhere (Rogers Lake?) would gladly join the effort with Sound View to insist upon proper testing and the use of alternative septic systems.

Steven A. Ross
Old Lyme, CT