Letter: Location and Haste of CT Audubon Center in Old Lyme Raise Questions


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To the Editor:
Re β€œArchitect Chosen, CT Audubon Plans Center in Old Lyme” (News, July 8).

The Connecticut Examiner has described in detail the plans for a new site for the Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center, which as outgrown its current space on Halls Road.

The 1.1-acre site was purchased for $200,000 in early spring. The acreage adjoins sixteen acres of town open space and state-owned property.

Visitors are to have access to trails (which are currently being cleared) as well as to β€œthe river, estuary, town dock, open space and the beach.”

It seems an unusual choice for an environmental organization to develop precious green space at the mouth of the Connecticut River to construct a new building.

One wonders why a nonprofit would hire a prominent and notably expensive architect for the project, if the finished construction is indeed unobtrusive, and conforming to the adjacent neighborhood.

Also surprising, is the haste with which this project is growing. After the purchase, the center began meeting with engineers and architects, and plans were formed. Clearing of the brush was underway and paths were being mowed. There seems to be no hesitation in moving forward. This is of some concern.

Most projects of this magnitude are beset with rules and regulations, zoning officials and endless requirements. One wonders why such assurances lie with this project. Where did it originate?

Wendy Brainerd
Essex, CT