Letter: Plan Contrary to Audubon Mission


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To the Editor:

I am so upset that an excellent non-profit organization devoted to educational and preservation projects would be so self-centered in their way to approach adding another facility in the Lower Connecticut Valley.

This facility would be located in a residential area on a lot that was zoned for a 2,000 sq. ft. building.  They are proposing a 4,000 sq. ft. building with an elevator.

They are proposing a lighted parking lot for a minimum of 6 cars plus a walkway which would have to cross a private driveway.

They want to take over Open Space property for their own benefit and even mentioned using poison to remove invasive plants.

The additional traffic on a small narrow road would also cause safety concerns in a neighborhood that has many children.

It is also a known fact that additional vehicles will add pollution runoff into the Connecticut River not to mention the over-loaded septic system of this large facility.

It seems as though they are contrary to their own objectives as an organization and of those of the state who want to preserve the Lower Connecticut Valley.

Julie Dunbar
Old Lyme