Letter: Reemsnyder Contacted Two Years Ago on Beaver Problem


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To the Editor:

Thank you for your article, “As Beavers Flood Properties Old Lyme…”.  I’m grateful that you investigated the issue including meeting with Old Lyme town leadership. Unfortunately, First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder’s statement, that she only found out about the beaver’s destruction from my letter to the editor, is not accurate. 

Two years ago, Dave Berggren met directly with Edward Adanti, the town director of public works, and asked for help only to be told that he couldn’t do anything without the selectwoman’s approval.  Berggren then met directly with Reemsnyder about the damage to his property and was told that they could not do anything to help him.

I take umbrage with comments by Evan Griswold.  He may be part of an environmental organization that is doing good work, but his lack of empathy toward Berggren’s plight is shocking.  I imagine Griswold, a realtor,  would be less cavalier if beavers destroyed one of his family members properties or one of the homes he was trying to sell.

I’m also frustrated with the ignorance conveyed when I read that there was an actual discussion about the dead beaver (killed on the road) being a possible end to the problem.  How many people believe that there is just one beaver doing all this damage. 

It’s also ludicrous to believe that beavers leave an area once the dam is knocked down. The response leads me to believe that the town continues to delude itself or just does not care.

Lastly, the bodies of water in Old Lyme are the town’s responsibility.  Maybe you could contact the Army Corp of Engineers for some advice.  The suggestion for the Beaver Deceiver seems like a potential option or trapping and moving the beavers.  Please stop repeating that it is not the town’s issue because the dams are on private property.  Has anyone from Old Lyme Town Hall approached the private land owners?   Do any of you even know where the dam is located?  

Another resident has written a letter to the editor in The Day and I have spoken to my old neighbors who all agree the town is acting as if they are completely impotent.   How many people have to complain before something gets done. If you care about your residents you have two choices, resolve this situation or stop taxing them.

Lee Detwiler
Jenkintown, PA