Letter: “Slim down your waste”


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Slim down your Waste!

While it is vitally important that our municipal, state and federal government agencies work aggressively on environmental protection acts, our individual behavior and responsible approach to waste management is imperative. We must all learn to trim a little off of our waste, little by little, every day. Small changes can make a big difference over time.  

Some ways to begin your slimdown could include:

  • Go back to the bar!  Bar soap that is, no plastic container waste
  • Use real cutlery not plastic for parties and picnics (keep a party supply handy)
  • Reconsider balloons, ribbon, and non-recyclable wrapping paper
  • Never use a straw
  • Decide against single use (anything)
  • Always use a reusable shopping bag
  • Use your own drinking vessel for water, coffee …
  • Give up bottled water
  • Return returnables
  • Consider wasteful packaging when purchasing
  • Do your best to compost vegetable scraps
  • Please take the time to refer to the website: Recyclect  to learn What’s In and What’s Out.

Leslie O’Connor for the Old Lyme Recycling and Waste Committee