Letter: Madly Off in Every Direction


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I think that most Old Lyme residents regardless of political affiliation agree on a few clear priorities: resolving the sewer situation for the shoreline, spending the town’s money wisely, obtaining public support before initiatives are undertaken by the town, executing town projects efficiently and in a timely manner, and maintaining the character of Old Lyme. 

But in recent years, the town has hopscotched from major initiative to major initiative, without substantive public support, without deliberate consideration of alternatives, and without a defined timetable for deadlines and accomplishments.  From sewering the entire shoreline, to street improvements on Hartford Avenue, to renovating Hains Park to merging our police force with East Lyme to promoting high-density residential development at the first and busiest corner in Old Lyme, there has been a major lack of focus.  The result has been too few solid accomplishments among the shared public priorities at hand.

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