Letter: Vaping, a Former Smoker’s Perspective


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To the Editor:

There is an enormous amount of press coverage available on underage vaping — a serious issue that needs acknowledging and addressing. What I never see written, and what might help to give a fuller perspective on vaping overall, is a discussion of the positive aspects of vaping.

I am 60 years old and 45 years a heavy smoker. I quit smoking recently. Vaping (it happens to be Juuls), along with other therapies, have been instrumental in my success in quitting. My physician is absolutely supportive of my occasional vaping as a substitute for a heavy smoking habit.

Many, many thousands of ex-smokers owe their better health to vaping. I just hate to see it suggested that vaping is evil, only. That’s like saying that methadone is evil.

Is is vaping healthy? Probably not. Is it healthier than smoking tobacco? Absolutely.

Michael Kopko
Nantucket, MA