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Risk, Insurance, and Reopening Schools After the Pandemic

With every new disaster, comes new risks. With every new risk, comes a potential market for insurance. “We are not going to see immediate changes to plans or products that would cover the pandemic, but over time as we learn from this, we will begin to see some products that will be offered related to… Keep Reading

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Updated: Fourth Case of Coronavirus Identified in Old Lyme

OLD LYME — Just hours after confirmation of a third case of COVID-19 in Old Lyme, a fourth case has been confirmed tonight by Stephen Mansfield, director of health for Ledge Light Health District. The new case is a 53-year-old female, according to a text from Mansfield to CT Examiner at about 7:30 p.m. Earlier… Keep Reading

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Letter: Missing Notice, Discussion, of Canceled Vote

There have been 19 Executive Orders issued in Connecticut by the Governor over the past 3 weeks. All under #7 (A-T). One 7I, that is #7 letter I, suspends the public’s right to vote on Regional School Budgets as well as your local municipal budget. That’s right you will not be voting on your local… Keep Reading

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After a Decade of Explosive Growth, Small Breweries in Connecticut Take Stock

“Breweries are destinations, they are really experiences. But of even more pressing significance is to support local and drinking local. It’s easy to go to your grocery store and pick up a macro-brand beer but that’s not going to help anybody in Connecticut,” said Phil Pappas, executive director of the Connecticut Brewers Guild by phone… Keep Reading

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Courtney Talks Business and Worker Relief, Protecting Medical Staff, and Potential Next Steps for Congress amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Congress passed three major relief efforts in March in response to the coronavirus, the largest totaled approximately $2 trillion. In a Thursday morning teleconference hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut, Rep. Joe Courtney said he thinks the crisis will push Congress to act further and that the country’s shortage of personal protective… Keep Reading

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Letter: Suspend Privacy Laws Isolating Nursing Home Residents from their Families

AARP (the nation’s largest advocacy group for seniors) is urging Connecticut residents to petition state lawmakers to temporarily suspend privacy laws that effectively prevent nursing home residents from communicating with family members during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. For several weeks, nursing home visits have been banned, except in “compassionate care” circumstances.  In addition, privacy laws… Keep Reading

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Learn from Home Task Force Takes on Equity and Coronavirus for Distance Schooling

More than 185,000 book packages and 60,000 laptops will be purchased and distributed to students in the state’s 33 lowest performing school districts by the Governor’s COVID-19 Learn from Home Task force in an effort to bridge the widening achievement and equity gap during the extended school closures. “Few things are more important to Governor… Keep Reading

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Refunds, Closure, Coronavirus and the Law for Business and Consumers in Connecticut

COVID-19, and state mandates to limit the viral spread, have caused widespread travel and event cancellations, supply chain interruptions, layoffs and business closures. Business-to-business agreements that require a specified level of production and delivery cannot be met without workers, drivers and staff.  For consumers, it’s often a question of whether refunds of purchases and deposits,… Keep Reading

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Virtual School Budget Meetings Scheduled Across Lower Connecticut Valley in Wake of Coronavirus

On March 10, as part of the state’s emergency response to COVID-19, Governor Ned Lamont signed Executive Order 7L, releasing regional boards of education from their statutory obligations to hold in-person meetings and referenda, prior to adopting fiscal year 2020-21 budgets: “[A]ny regional board of education shall adopt a budget for the July I, 2020… Keep Reading

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