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Zoning Tables Setback Requirement, Approves Art Academy Lease

OLD LYME — The Zoning Commission unanimously tabled its controversial petition Tuesday that would have doubled the setback for new construction along riverfront and coastal properties from 50 to 100 feet, citing the need for more research on the rate and effects of sea level rise. At the same meeting, the commission unanimously approved Lyme… Keep Reading

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Letter: Tinnerello Makes Case for Zoning Seat in Old Lyme, Emphasizes Balance, Transparency

As a resident and realtor in Old Lyme I have decided to run for Zoning Commission. As a realtor, I understand the balancing act between the town’s interests and private property rights. Old Lyme characteristics make us long-time environmentalists — water, beaches, wetlands, woods. Zoning should honor these unique assets without stifling planned growth and… Keep Reading

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Planning and Zoning Candidates Draw Sharp Lines in Old Lyme

OLD LYME — In the last several weeks, three candidates for the Planning Commission and three for the Zoning Commission individually discussed their reasons for running and their goals for the town during phone interviews with CT Examiner.  Out of the eight total candidates across the two commissions, two Democrats and four Republicans responded to… Keep Reading

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Old Lyme Zoning Commission Debates Jurisdiction, Coastal Setback

OLD LYME — Complex differences between special permits and variances came to light at Tuesday night’s Zoning Commission meeting as commissioners and the public debated a potential text amendment to the town’s Tidal Waters Protection, section 4.3, that would restrict new construction to 100 feet from the coastal jurisdiction line, doubling the former 50-foot requirement.… Keep Reading

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Editorial: A News Roundup and 5 Questions on Doubling the Shoreline Setback in Old Lyme

At September 9 meeting of the Town of Old Lyme Zoning Commission, board members introduced a text amendment – what board secretary Jane Marsh described as a “new philosophy” – to address “a trend of the coastline advancing on our town.” This amendment would do two things: Increase the setback for new construction to 100… Keep Reading

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