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Old Lyme Zoning Commission Proposes Limits on Waterfront Building

OLD LYME — The Zoning Commission has proposed an amendment to the Tidal Waters Protection regulation that would increase the setback for all new construction along coastal and riverfront to 100 feet, doubling the current setback of 50 feet. But more importantly, the new text in section 4.3.7 would prohibit the Zoning Board of Appeals… Keep Reading

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Positive Tests for Coliform and E. Coli have Old Lyme Reaching for Solutions for Senior Center and Park

OLD LYME — Since the end of June, the Lymes’ Senior Center has been providing bottled water, using paper plates and distributing hand sanitizer to its visitors and employees after the center’s 450-foot-deep well drilled-well, which replaced a shallow dug well in 2014, tested positive for coliform bacteria. The previous well tested positive for both… Keep Reading

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Old Lyme Finalizes Purchase of 300-acre McCulloch Farm

OLD LYME — On Tuesday, the town closed on the $600,000 purchase of the McCulloch Farm, a 300-acre parcel that includes two three-acre sites designated for affordable housing. First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder announced the purchase of the farm, established by the McCulloch family in 1927, at Board of Selectmen’s meeting Tuesday night. “I am very… Keep Reading

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Sound View Water Upgrade Adds Modest Rate Increase to Connecticut Water Customers

OLD LYME — Connecticut Water Company’s infrastructure upgrades in the Town of Old Lyme’s Sound View Beach neighborhood will be paid for through a rate adjustment surcharge program designed to distribute the costs of smaller capital projects, like Sound View’s promised improvements, among all of the company’s customers statewide. The Water Infrastructure and Conservation Adjustment… Keep Reading

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Leadership Changes for Hope Partnership, Tony Lyons Steps Away

In an email today to board members, advisers and supporters, Hope Partnership, a regional nonprofit developer of affordable housing based in Old Saybrook, announced that the organization’s president, Tony Lyons, as well as Cal Price and Jim Crawford, would be stepping down from their leadership roles at Hope Partnership. Hope Partnership announced that Dave Carswell… Keep Reading

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Impending San Jose Water and Connecticut Water Service Merger Raises Questions

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) could approve a long-delayed and previously-rejected merger of San Jose Water (SJW) and the Connecticut Water Service (CWS) and its subsidiaries, after receiving over 80 commitments to protect the public interest, and placing additional conditions on the merger. CWS currently serves about 325,000 Connecticut residents and 56 towns across… Keep Reading

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Old Lyme Officials Seek to Maximize Sidewalk Grant for Sound View

OLD LYME — Last year, the town received a $400,000 Community Connectivity grant for installing sidewalks, signage, and “beautification” along the northern “Gateway” portion of Hartford Avenue in the Sound View neighborhood of Old Lyme and a nearby section of Shore Road — the maximum amount available from the program — and town officials are… Keep Reading

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Editorial: Old Lyme Plans for Affordable Housing

What does it mean for a town government to be proactive? On the one hand it would appear to make some obvious sense. A proactive government is a government that thinks and plans ahead to avoid problems before they happen – these problems can be fiscal, environmental, demographic. We know that the century-old lift bridge… Keep Reading

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Demolition of Vacant 1930s Dance Hall in Old Lyme Scheduled for Fall

OLD LYME — Abutting neighbors of 58 Hartford Ave. in the Sound View neighborhood received notices on Saturday by mail that owner Frank Noe intended to apply to the town for a demolition permit to take down the long-vacant 1930s-era dance hall in late September or early October. “The former O’Connor’s Dance Hall, or O’Connor’s… Keep Reading

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Reemsnyder Issues Unequivocal Defense, Misses Port Authority Hearing

OLD LYME – In a letter to the committee submitted in lieu of appearing at a hearing of the state legislature’s Transportation Committee, Old Lyme First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder responded to critics of her tenure as finance chair and brief tenure as board chair of the Connecticut Port Authority. Reemsnyder asserted her innocence of any… Keep Reading

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