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Sound View Pump Station Reviewed in Tuesday’s Zoning Hearing

OLD LYME — The special permit application for the proposed pump station at 73 Portland Avenue proceeded fairly quickly through a Zoning Commission public hearing Tuesday. The pump station will be the “central collection and discharge point for the wastewater generated in the participating Old Lyme beach areas. The station will convey flow through approximately… Keep Reading

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Frank Chan Proposes New Formula for Assessing Sewers Fees in Sound View

OLD LYME — At the October 8 Water Pollution Control Authority meeting, Vice-Chair Frank Chan proposed a new formula to calculate Equivalent Dwelling Units for the Sound View Beach that would narrow the difference between minimum and maximum assessments. “Our basic premise is every dwelling will receive [the] sewer as a benefit and larger sized… Keep Reading

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Old Lyme Zoning Commission Debates Jurisdiction, Coastal Setback

OLD LYME — Complex differences between special permits and variances came to light at Tuesday night’s Zoning Commission meeting as commissioners and the public debated a potential text amendment to the town’s Tidal Waters Protection, section 4.3, that would restrict new construction to 100 feet from the coastal jurisdiction line, doubling the former 50-foot requirement.… Keep Reading

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Editorial: A Stray Conversation About Sewering Rogers Lake and Elsewhere in Old Lyme

What should we make of a recent interview with Waterford First Selectman Daniel Steward, credibly recounting conversations with Old Lyme First Selectman Bonnie Reemsnyder on the topic of installing sewers in Rogers Lake and elsewhere in Old Lyme? “What they haven’t included in any of these discussions is what it costs to transport the sewage… Keep Reading

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Waterford’s First Selectman Daniel Steward Retiring, But Still Looking Forward

WATERFORD — Retiring First Selectman Daniel Steward has seen Waterford’s transformation first hand over 69 years living in town. Steward’s father sold the family dairy farm in the early 1970s, and now those acres are the site of a Lowe’s Home Improvement and shopping plaza just off Interstate 95. The catalpa tree his father planted… Keep Reading

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Editorial: A News Roundup and 5 Questions on Doubling the Shoreline Setback in Old Lyme

At September 9 meeting of the Town of Old Lyme Zoning Commission, board members introduced a text amendment – what board secretary Jane Marsh described as a “new philosophy” – to address “a trend of the coastline advancing on our town.” This amendment would do two things: Increase the setback for new construction to 100… Keep Reading

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Tagliatela Charts Future of Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, Land Sale

The Lyme Academy of Fine Arts has put its 26.31-acre parcel at 83 Lyme Street up for sale, asking $5 million. Reached by phone on Friday, Stephen Tagliatela, chair of the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts Board of Trustees, said the academy has been looking for sources of revenue to keep its buildings open after… Keep Reading

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Zoning Proposal to Double Setback Near Water Raises Questions and Opposition in Old Lyme

OLD LYME — Multiple town commissions and members of the public are expected to raise objections to a proposed text amendment to Tidal Waters Protection regulation at Tuesday’s meeting of the Zoning Commission in Old Lyme. The amendment would double the current 50-foot setback to 100 feet along coastal and riverfront properties. “Most, if not… Keep Reading

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Cathy Frank on 22 Years at Old Lyme Town Hall

OLD LYME — Before moving to Old Lyme more than 30 years ago, Cathy Frank worked as a reporter for a weekly newspaper in Avon. She covered town meetings, zoning and planning commissions and the board of selectmen. Frank said she learned to value that sharing of information and wanted to bring that to her… Keep Reading

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A Roundup of Old Lyme News from Monday’s Board of Selectmen Meeting

Old Lyme — The Board of Selectmen discussed a number of ongoing municipal issues Monday night. Here’s a roundup: Hains Park bathroom and well: Architectural drawings are “90 percent done” and will go to the Boathouse/Hains Park Improvement Committee for comments, then design will be put out to bid. The town is waiting for state… Keep Reading

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