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Beaches Residents to Old Lyme: Let us Get to Work

OLD LYME — Three chartered beach communities, each with their own Water Pollution Control Authority, say they are ready to move ahead with building sewers but have been delayed by the Town of Old Lyme’s failure to provide timely zoning variances and easements. In a meeting at the CT Examiner office on Thursday, Scott Boulanger… Keep Reading

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Old Lyme Approves Formula for Charging Property Owners for Sewers

After crunching numbers for at least a year and a half, facing a deadline for a state and federal grant, the Old Lyme Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) voted on Tuesday night to approve a method of charging Sound View Beach property owners for the $7.44 million cost of a community sewerage project. Keep Reading

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June 15 Open House for Halls Road Development

The Halls Road Improvements Committee will seek public input about potential changes within the right-of-way along Halls road during “The Past, Present and Future of the Halls Road Neighborhood,” an open house to be held Saturday, June 15, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at town hall, 52 Lyme Street. Keep Reading

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5 Things to Know About the Library

When most people hear the word “library,” they think books. Rows upon rows of books. But nearly all libraries across Connecticut — including the Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library in Old Lyme — have much more to offer than just books. “The mission of the library is to be a place of continuous learning, life-long learning… Keep Reading

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Mentoring Lyme-Old Lyme Children

More than forty children between the middle and elementary schools in Old Lyme meet with a mentor each week, a program that has helped encourage better attendance, higher grades, engagement and enthusiasm at school for these students. Keep Reading

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Facing Deadline Old Lyme Moves to Referendum

Years in the making, the town is edging closer to putting in sewers in Sound View Beach, with a referendum for a $7.44 million bond tentatively scheduled for August 14. The project would install gravity-fed sewers into Hartford Avenue, Swan Avenue and Portland Avenue, as well as the contiguous “Miscellaneous Area B” north of Route 156. Keep Reading

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Shoreline Food Pantries Consider Split

In March, SSKP informed the churches in Old Lyme that they would be temporarily closing the food pantry and then permanently closing it due to the high percentage of individuals outside of the region that were utilizing the pantry’s services. The board of SSKP has since rolled back that decision, but negotiations about how the two organizations can continue in partnership are ongoing. Keep Reading

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Quirk in Funding Eases Plan For Lieutenant River

Under earlier rules governing a $1.6 million Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) grant given to Old Lyme in 2015 for dredging, the town will be able to redirect $256,000 of funding unused for the original project toward a plan to build a ramp and platform on the west bank of the Lieutenant River near Halls Rd. Keep Reading

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1861 Flag Flies over Lyme Street Parade

Old Lyme — Raised aloft on a sail mast improvised as sturdy dowel, a 13-feet-tall by 18-feet-wide American flag with 34 stars fluttered in the breeze on Lyme Street as the Memorial Day parade streamed by on Monday morning. Constructed in 1861, the flag belongs to Polly Merrill, of Old Lyme, who inherited it from… Keep Reading

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