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Turf Field Compatible with Existing Geothermal Wells, Board of Education Assured

LYME-OLD LYME — 250 geothermal wells located six feet beneath the proposed site for Lyme-Old Lyme’s artificial turf field would not pose a threat to the project, according to the Connecticut Geothermal Association. “Typically, geothermal wells never have to be accessed. There is nothing mechanical in the well, just pipe,” said Guy Wanegar, the president… Keep Reading

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Computer science education expanding in k-12

By July 2020, all teacher preparation programs in Connecticut must include computer science instruction as part of the curriculum. In addition, as of July 2019, all school districts must incorporate some form of computer science as part of their kindergarten through high school curriculum. Despite a 2015 law that required computer programming as a part… Keep Reading

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Library renovations to be completed in April and other selectmen news

OLD LYME — The Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library is expected to begin accessing town funds this month for ongoing renovations once they surpass the $300,000 in costs that the library committed to cover through donations and raised funds, said First Selectman Timothy Griswold at his first meeting of the board since he took office following… Keep Reading

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$333 Million Plan for Trash Incinerator Could Be Costly for Lower Connecticut River Valley

A $333 million agreement reached between the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority (MIRA) and Sacyr Rooney Recovery Team could lead to sharply higher tipping fees. The agreement between the public authority and Sacyr Rooney arrives more than five years after the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection was tasked with soliciting bids for the refurbishment… Keep Reading

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Editorial: Local Oversight and Regional Budgets

It’s simply unimaginable as part of the budget, anywhere in Connecticut, that a town employee could propose a $2.5 million project, with significant, ongoing and uncertain maintenance costs, as well as ten year replacement costs, and expect to plan and approve the project without early and broad public engagement, and without the promise of a… Keep Reading

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Plans for Synthetic Turf Field Raise Questions, Emotions, at Lyme-Old Lyme Meeting

There were more questions than answers at Monday night’s meeting of an ad hoc Board of Education athletics committee on the proposed construction of a synthetic turf field behind the Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School and High School. Questions raised at the meeting include the choice of infill, the challenges that face the current athletic department,… Keep Reading

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Emotional Farewell for Reemsnyder as First Selectman of Old Lyme

OLD LYME — Bonnie Reemsnyder, former chair of the Connecticut Port Authority and its Finance Committee, responded “no comment” on Monday when asked whether she would attend and testify at an informational forum to be held by the state legislature’s Transportation Committee on December 4. “I don’t have any comment on that,” said Reemsnyder, a… Keep Reading

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Zoning Tables Setback Requirement, Approves Art Academy Lease

OLD LYME — The Zoning Commission unanimously tabled its controversial petition Tuesday that would have doubled the setback for new construction along riverfront and coastal properties from 50 to 100 feet, citing the need for more research on the rate and effects of sea level rise. At the same meeting, the commission unanimously approved Lyme… Keep Reading

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High Costs, Diverse Outcomes for Educational Special Needs in Connecticut

Sarah Tyszka’s son is in sixth grade, but reads at a preschool level. He has dyslexia, a condition that typically requires one-on-one reading instruction to learn to read and write, according to the Dyslexia Society of Connecticut. Last year Tyszka’s son received one-on-one instruction, but this year his school does not have a teacher certified… Keep Reading

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