Road salt, for better or worse is back this winter


Salt on the roads has becomes a fact of life in New England during the snowy months from November to April, but that was not always so. In 2007, the State of Connecticut changed from a sand-salt combination to the exclusive use of salt on state roads, according to Kevin Nursick, spokesman for the Connecticut Department of Transportation, in a November 21 phone conversation. “Salt has its own problems, it’s just less problematic than sand,” said Nursick, who has been with the DOT for about 15 years. “It’s more effective at melting frozen material on the roadways and so it


Editorial: Recapping Election Week


Monday morning — I hadn’t gotten in to work yet — instead I was out on a rocky overlook at Selden Creek Preserve chatting on the phone with State Auditor John Geragosian about the Connecticut Port Authority audit. He was reassuring. While not characterizing the contents of the referral to the Connecticut Office of the Attorney General, he emphasized that a referral was statutory requirement and routine… don’t read too much into it. Geragosian said had no complaints about the remaining board and staff, whom he described as helpful and responsive. Two days later, a Wednesday, in a meeting room